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Rotary Screen Sieve For Dewatering And Grading

Currently available in 30-, 40-, 48- and 60-inch diameters, the separator is designed to increase safety, provide stronger construction and allow for a more sanitary process. The totally enclosed weight guard on the separator prevents “reach-in” injuries, complying with European CE Standards. The extremely rugged construction of this machine utilizes conical construction rather than flat plates which creates a more rigid geometric structure. Additionally, the open base construction allows for cleaning underneath the unit, therefore preventing dirt and product build-up.

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What it does…

Separate solids from liquids or segregate dry materials into various sizes. Particles as fine as 400 mesh (37 microns) can be screened, with up to 4 screen decks incorporated in one separator. No special flooring or foundation is needed and less working floor space is required. Simple and efficient design requires less horsepower. Other features include long screen life and ease with which screens may be changed.

How it works…

Basically, the Separator is a vibratory screening device that vibrates about its center of mass. Vibration is accomplished by eccentric weights on the upper and lower ends of the motion generator shaft. Rotation of the top weight creates vibration in the horizontal plane, which causes the material to move across the screen cloth to the periphery. The lower weight acts to tilt the machine, causing vibration in the vertical and tangential planes. The angle of lead given the lower weight with relation to the upper weight provides variable control of the spiral screening pattern. Speed and spiral pattern of material travel over the screen cloth can be set by the operator for maximum throughput and screening efficiency of any screenable product … wet or dry … heavy or light … coarse or fine … hot or cold.

Technical Data:

Model Base diameter


Inlet hole size


Screen diameter


Output hole size


Cover height



(1 layer)




(3 layer)

S49-600 530 240 630 100 100 822 948 1073
SC49-800 680 240 830 130 100 1050 1240 1430
SC49-1000 800 240 1000 150 110 1050 1240 1430
SC49-1200 970 240 1200 150 130 1145 1360 1577
SC49-1500 1170 360 1500 200 130 1145 1360 1577

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Model S49-600 S49-800 S49-1000 S49-1200 S49-1500
Effective screening diameter (mm) 555 730 900 1100 1400
Effective screening area (sqm) 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.9 1.5
Screen mesh 2-500
Layer 1-4
Power(kw) 0.25 0.75 0.75 2.2 2.2
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