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Dynamic Weighing Armored Belt Feeder

This series of dynamic weighing feeders had been widely used. It mainly used in blending systems and quantitative rapid loading systems with dynamic weighing functions. Obtain National Invention Patent and “Technology Achievement ≦Certificate” by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province. Overall performance meets the domestic leading level.

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1.As a combination of armored and rubber belts, this type of belt feeder has a large capacity, low failure rate, easy maintenance, environmental protection.
2.The feeder used a semi-suspended weight measurement device, fast rapid response, large capacity, smoothly working, processing power, stable, high precision measurement, This feeder also can be used in large temperature difference, large impact load, and other harsh environments.
3.Armored belt is composed of reinforced nylon 1010 connect armored pieces. This patented technology with anti-skid, keep armored piece work together with a belt, anti-deviation, etc
4.Feeding machine adopts hydraulic plate gate, big thrust, fast open and close, can realize remote control. 5.Conveyor belt uses no joint ring wear-resistant tape, extending using life.
6. Auxiliary supporting device is complete, use function is complete, wide adaptability.

Technical Data:

Model Power




Speed adjustment mode Belt speed


Feeding scope(t/h) Accuracy of


GLD-D800/5.5/B 5.5 AC380





Adjust speed

0.08-0.69 100-800 ±0.5 4200
GLD-D2000/5.5/B 5.5 0.08-0.69 140-1200 4800
GLD-D2000/5.5/B 7.5 0.10-0.83 240-2000 5200
GLD-D3300/7.5/B 7.5 0.10-0.83 390-3300 5900
GLD-D4400/11/B 11 0.20-1.05 830-4400 7300
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