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Armored Belt Feeder

GLD series armored belt feeder is widely used to feed the bulk material into the conveying system in coal, metallurgy, building material, chemicals. etc. The principle of belt conveyor is applied, combined smooth adjustable speed motor is used as transmission power, so the belt speed can be adjusted by manual or automatic according to requirements.

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1.Running smoothly. Fast speed.low noise. good explosion-proof function.environmental friendly product. 2.High efficiency, energy conservation, unparalleled large capacity compared with common ones (thousands of tons per hour).
3.Feeding capacity can be adjusted manually or automatically according to customers’ desires. Long-distance control is available through a frequency converter.
4.small volume, easy installation and replacement, low cost on technical improvement, short working cycle, and quick effectiveness.
5.Equipped with an anti-block device, which can eliminate air blocking and block up in the running body,
ensure the smooth flow of materials.
6.Reliable quality, stable function, more than 90% of the spare parts are common on the market, easy to install and repair.
7.Complete auxiliary supporting devices, which guarantees its multi-function and perfect performance.
8.Groups of buffering idlers are mounted at the bottom of the running body where material drops, which protect the armored bolt and wear-resistant belt, extending their service life.

Technical data :

Model Power(kw) Voltage(V) Speed adjustment mode Belt speed(m/s) Feeding scope(t/h) Weight(kg)
GLD800/5.5/S 5.5  





Manual 0.14-0.8 160-800 3700
GLD800/5.5/B Auto 0.42-0.8 480-800 3800
GLD2000/5.5/S 5.5/7.5① Manual 0.2-1.0 400-2000 4200
GLD2000/5.5/B Auto 0.6-1.0 1200-2000 4300
GLD3300/7.5/S 7.5 Manual 0.2-1.0 660-3300 5200
GLD3300/7.5/B Auto 0.6-1.0 1980-3300 5300
GLD4400/11/S 11 Manual 0.3-1.5 880-4400 6200
GLD4400/11/B Auto 0.9-1.5 2600-4400 6300

①Please choose a 5.5 kW motor when the feeding capacity less than 1000 t/h. Please choose a 7.5 kW motor when the feeding capacity more than 1000 t/h.

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