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we originated in a factory, which has nearly 20 years of production experience. Such as our crusher own patent certificates and widely used in kinds of coal mine. As a hi-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing mining machinery. Our main products include: large crushing and screening system, dust removing equipment,2PLF teeth roller crusher, armored belt feeder, large vibrating screen equipment, various series feeding equipment and relat...
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Modernization, Large-scale And Intelligentization Have Become The Development Trend Of Mining Machinery

China’s mining machinery, especially coal mine mechanization, has a low probability, and product quality is also uneven. Small and medium-sized coa...

Huge Potential For Remanufacturing Of Heavy Machinery Such As Crushers

As a major manufacturing country, China has developed more rapidly in the domestic manufacturing industry in recent years. However, if we continue ...

500×700 Hammer Crusher Equipment Is Easy To Install And Maintain

Maintenance during the operation of the equipment is very important to prolong the service life of the machine and prevent failures. So what points...